50th Birthday Party Invitations Templates


Hi Everyone, please come and join at Mr Michael 50th birthday party. Mr Michael is huge fan of barbeque.

He love any kind of barbeque, he was going to have a barbeque party for all the neighbors once a month.

50th birthday party invitation colorful templates

So in this birthday, we would like to give him a barbeque party. The birthday party themed is barbeque.

There is no dress code in this party, so everyone is free wearing any casual or any semi formal outfit.

orange 50th birthday party invitation templates

Everyone can come and enjoy the barbeque, we will having some barbeque chicken with sausage and sauce,  barbeque sandwich, fried fries and any kind of barbecues.

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The party will be held in Mr Michael’s house. The drink will be have a lemonade, syrup, soda drink, coca cola and any other drink. The party also will have a delicious ice cream that you can taste in any flavor.

golden 50th birthday party invitation templates

The barbeque party will also have some music on, so everyone can have a karaoke and dancing during the party.

The party also is not completed by some games. Everyone can played some games, there’s a big yard to make it complete. You can play some Frisbee games, badminton games or any other games.

rich 50th birthday party invitation templates

This is a outdoor birthday party, so don’t forget to use some bugs spray and sunblock.

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So don’t forget to come, the party will be so much fun!

simple 50th birthday party invitation templates

The party will be held in: Saturday, 24 October 2015 in Mr Michael’s house, 452 Moore Avenue, Forth Worth, TX 76102, at 10:00-13:00.

See you soon at the party!



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