70th Surprise Birthday Party Invitations


Hi Everyone, I would like to invite you to come and join us at Mrs Valencia 70th birthday party.

zip 70th surprise birthday party invitations

The birthday party themed is number 70. The decoration and everything related the party will be set as in number 70.

clock 70th surprise birthday party invitations

Her favorite color is silver, so it will set all in silver which mixed with some glamour motifes.

The birthday party will have a 70 balloons in any colors that hang up in everywhere in the ceiling the most, it will have a banner “Welcome to My Wonderful 70 Years Old Birthday Party” in any color will brighten up the decorations.

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cakes 70th surprise birthday party invitations

The guest invite also will be 70 people with 70 chairs and 7 tables.

Big number 70 decorations also will be set in the front of the entry way, next to the birthday cake which is also has a number 70 in it as the ornament cake on the the top with a silver blink color.

70th surprise birthday party invitaton card

The party will also has fun games which is using 70 question about Mrs Valencia or random stuff.

The winner will get an amazing gift with a number 70 in it, such as the lucky one will get a 70$ in the silver envelope and the others can get some variations number of envelope.

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polka dots 70th surprise birthday party invitations card

The party also will have performance of in the 1970’s Mrs Valencia favorite singer, so wait for it!

The party will be held in:

Date: Saturday, 23 May 2015

Time: 18:00-21:00

Place: 3373 Raintree Boulevard, Indianapolis, IN 46240.

Don’t forget to come, it’s a surprise birthday party, Ssshhh! Your presence is enough.



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