40th Birthday Invitations Wording Funny


Hi Everyone, please come in my 40th birthday party. I am so thankful that in the age 40, I am still has giving a lot of bless to have a good healthy and I am have a wonderful family and friends by my side.

golf man 40th birthday party invitations wording funny

So many things that I have been through this 40 years, but I am so happy that in this age I had no white hair and no wrinkles, not yet.

boy wording funny 40th birthday party invitations

That is because of my routines facial. You know that every morning I look in the mirror and see if that is a wrinkles in it, well if I had, I will press it to the wrinkles area and staring at myself and say “I AM 40 AND I AM STILL YOUNG”.

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What makes my birthday perfect is all my kid always being with me.

The one with the white and black furry, and then the one who has no fur and the last is the one with the ring around his eyes.



Oh you will also enjoy the dishes. I made it by myself anyway. I can cook any kind of food which I made while I am singing.

I will give you a special performance, the same like when I am singing in the shower. I bet you will hear the most beautiful voice in your ears.

cow funny 40th birthday invitations



I also will give a speech, which is the last time I am giving preach is in high school.

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You guys also can give a performance to make it fun. I can do any silly dance with some spice girls song. That will be a LEGENDARY!

The party is in:

Date: Saturday, 20 February 2016

Time: 17:00-20:00

Place: 3482 Lauren Drive, Pardeeville, WI 53954


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