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Well, it’s being a hit! It’s being a trend. A vintage, simple with asymmetrical frame, comes in Gold color or something shiny. Welcome to our free printable Floral Watercolor invitation templates with vintage design. We designed it for you who loves boho, simple, vintage and up-to-date party maker! Our floral watercolor invitation templates are free to use for your personal use only. Not for any commercial purpose.

You can use the invitation for many occasions! Like birthday, wedding, baby shower etc. You can use it for free! Comes in 5×7″ portrait template, you can easily download the invitation then write down your birthday party details on it. Choose the best one, and download. Write down with a pen or a marker.

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If you are able to operate Photoshop, then you can easily download and edit the invitation. Write down with Malisia font that very suitable for this kind of invitations.

Download Malisia Font =>

How to Download the Invitation?
Simply click on your desired invitation (as image JPG), right click on it, then Save the Image as!
Once you’re done, save it on your Desktop or your preferred folder.

Now you can browse the invitation below!

To make it simpler, we create gallery that you can browse easily below :

You can browse the FULL RESOLUTION below





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Use white cardstock paper if you want your invites to feel like a came from the store. To save more money, you can try a multipurpose printer paper. It is easy to use and cut. Both options fit in envelopes nicely. I mostly use multipurpose paper/ standard printer paper for things like this Fortnite birthday invitation template that I need to print a lot of.



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