Donald is one of my favorite characters in Disney. If you want to enjoy birthday ceremony using Donald Duck motif, here a simple, Free Donald Duck Birthday Invitations. This request is only for private use.

You can access the invitation below and begin filling out the invitation with a pencil with your information. This request emerges with an empty document where you can plug in your own wording such as:

“You are invited to my party! When… time… where…”

“Join us for (name)’s Birthday! (date) (place) (house)”

Remember, definite instructions or handwriting is required. It arrives in a 5-7′′ HD invitation images.

Save the picture by clicking on the right and click save as. Tap on the picture and save the picture as. Write down the details of your events. If you can run Photoshop or CorelDraw (Gimp for Free Version), you can print this unlimited printable invitations. Remember to add picture, wording, moment, address, place, etc. When you’re done, you can send it to printing machine.

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Please post this invitation on your social media, there are many individuals who would enjoy this invitation. You can add some nice writing and even attach your picture using Photoshop. Please always first press on the right of the picture and click save to get the complete value of this 5 x 7” Inches Free Donald Duck Birthday Invitations.

How to Get this Template?

Simply click on the right of the image then select save. Move the file to the special folders containing some images from us. Whenever you need it, you just can grab the images quick.

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After getting the images, do not forget to customize it. Cropping several items then add it to the invitations would be the good way of remodeling the invitations.


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