Although you can buy one of various types of children’s birthday party invitations, but make your own invitations with a photo insert only child to a birthday card as an effective alternative. Two years old may not be able to understand the concept of birthdays, but they will know about the explanation of who will receive. Another advantage if you make the invitations yourself is that you can have a lot of room for personalization.

Personalized 2nd Birthday Party Invitation Wording Ideas
Clearly state the purpose of the invitation. You could say, “James is a change 2” or “Help us celebrate the second anniversary of Charles.” Then the date of the party and state the date, time and location of the party.

Minnie Mouse 2nd Birthday Party Invitation Wording

Customized Floral 2nd Birthday Party Invitation Wording Ideas

Set the time to provide information both start time and end time. Also explain clearly in the invitation you any food and beverages will be served. May be many children who will nap, have a party in the morning is a good choice. You can write, “Please come at 08.30, birthday cake will be served at 09.00.”

Custom Design 2nd Birthday Party Invitation Wording


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Ladybug 2nd Birthday Party Invitation Wording Ideas

Free 2nd Birthday Party Invitation Wording

Another important thing that you need to include on the invitation is declared address of a party will be held. Toddlers will be very comfortable in their own homes, they will have fun balloons, a cake and a gift that will create the atmosphere. However, if the party will be held in other places, make sure that you clearly identify the location, for example, you could write “Join us at the Green Park on the corner of Green and Oak; we will have a sign at the shelter closest to the parking lot.”



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