TMNT is being popular in 90’s and it’s eternal. Create your own Ninja Turtle Birthday Party Invitations if your kids love thing about ninja. Creating your own birthday invitation can be a good choice to save your budget and time. Just search and create it online, then you can create it in less than 5 minutes! But it’s depend on your computer and designing skill. Make sure that you create it with your kids, it will create a quality time between you and him.

First, you can browse our Ninja Turtle templates below. You can use any design. If you are able to operate Photoshop, then simply download and change every details like time, date, dan location. If you’re not able to edit it, we can do it for you.
The Ninja Turtle were identical with conduit, as they live there. Now you can fold a piece of gray or red cardstock in half for each TMNT party invitation. Cut it out an almost complete circle. Now, you have a circular card that opens. You have a conduit invitation. Now, you can start designing using colored pencils. On the inside, write down “Cowabunga! It’s Ethan’s party and you’re invited to my conduit”!

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Processed with Rookie
Processed with Rookie

There are so many invitations design that you can use. Remember, TMNT identical with green color. Make sure that you have good green color combination. Include invitation time, date and location. Just to remember, you can browse Ninja Turtle images from the internet, print it and place it inside the invitation. Pasting your kids’ image inside the invitation is a great idea too!

To make it special, decorate your party with all-things related to TMNT like Hang corrugated cardboard,pizzas (we all know that Ninja Turtle loves PIZZA!) and a huge-big-large Ninja Turtle cake! Then you are ready to be Michelangelo 😀

By the way, happy birthday. Feel free to contact us, we can design it for you.

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