Surprise Birthday Invitations for Men


Hi Guys, Let’s come and join at Mr Tanner 30 years old birthday party.

Mr Tanner is a hard worker man. He was spending all his time in the office. He is very welcoming, kind, warm-hearted and friendly guy.

eyes surprise birthday invitations for men

He always remembered every birthday and announced to everyone in the office and make a small celebration to strengthen the togetherness in the office.

Everyone likes him because he is a very good man. But sometimes with his busy activities, he is forget to make his life more fun.

He always stuck at work place and when in home he is tend to just stay at home.

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photograph surprise birthday invitations for men

We would like to give him a surprise birthday party for his 30 years old birthday.

He should not know the plan, so let’s keep it as our secret and shocked him by the surprise!

The party is man night out. We will ask him to go to the football match in other state and then have tasted new burger restaurant.

secret surprise birthday invitations for men

And then for the best part is taking him back to home, and he will be surprised by having all his family, his parents, sister and his brother which is in the army and his girlfriend all are in his birthday.

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The birthday will be more fun with some surprised by all co-workers for him by giving special performance for him.

photos surprise birthday invitations for men

The birthday party also will be more interesting by a special gift that has given for him which will make him more surprised!

So let’s join us to make his birthday party unforgettable. Your presence is enough.

The birthday party will be held in: Saturday, 7 November 2017, in 18:00-21:00, at 209 Kelly Street, Charlotte, NC 28206.


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