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Super Mario Bros Birthday Invitations

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Super Mario Bros Birthday Invitations


Hi Everyone, please come to William 8th birthday party. William loved to play Nintendo. His favorite Nintendo game is Super Mario Bros.Download Imagefriends super mario bros birthday party invitations

He had collecting a lot of Super Mario Bros stuff, the mustache man with all red and brow shirt become the most popular games icon in the 1990’s.

William birthday party is Super Mario Bros. The birthday party will decorate as a games world, which is just like in Super Mario Bros world.

cute super mario bros birthday invitations

That will be a Super Mario Bros, Luigi, Mushroom and Princess Toadstool in the decoration.

It also will have some kind of games level in the decoration that makes us just like watch the games playing.

rich super mario bros birthday invitations

The birthday party will have a very fun games which also related to Super Mario Bros, that will be a fun games though.

The birthday will have some souvenir which is using Super Mario Bros merchandise for the games winner.

coin super mario bros birthday party invitations

The winner will get a toys, card, shirt, bags, mugs or glass which are all in Super Mario Bros.

The food plate also will made from the special plate, which is having a Mario Bros as the plate covered.

luigi super mario bros birthday invitations

You will also get Super Mario Bros balloon that you can bring home and you will find a Super Mario Bros in the party and you can take a picture with Super Mario Bros and you can bring it home directly.

The party will be held in Tuesday, 23 August 2016, at 16:00-19:00, in 2732 Bassell Avenue, Little Rock, AR, 72201.

Don’t forget to come, I can’t wait to see you at the party!


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