Message in A Bottle Birthday Invitations


Hi Guys, Please come and join us at Santana 10th birthday party. Santana is a huge fan of everything that has put it in a bottle. She made a lot of message that she put in the bottle.

But it is not just a piece of paper, she is creating all the paper in interesting way then she put it in the bottle.

awesome message in a bottle birthday invitations

She was selling some of her handcraft to her friends and some people in out of her school also by her handcraft.

Santana birthday party will show you all her handcraft. She is also using message in a bottle as the birthday theme.

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She is making all the invitations all by her handcraft, she is such a creative person.

cool message in a bottle birthday invitations

Inside the message in a bottle that has a code number, that code number is the number of the doorprize.

The lucky person who gets number as the judge revealed will give a special prizes.

The birthday party will be decorated all in just like in the art gallery which all has showing Santana handcraft.

card message in a bottle birthday invitations

The party will not just by seeing her handcraft, but also it will has a dinner.

The dinner will served a delicious food which made by her. She is also a good cook.

The party will have a games that will make the party is getting fun.

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beautiful message in a bottle birthday invitations

Everyone can sing a song or dancing to the party, you can requested the songs and make it more fun.

The party will be held in: Thursday, 10 December 2015, at 18:00-20:00, in 3993 Brownton Road, Belzoni, MS 39038.

See you soon at the party!



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