Celebrating a birthday party in volley yard would be so dam lit. Your children would love the situation of the ocean. Preparing all the stuff to the volley yard would take so much time since it usually far from you. Our collections come in an invitation called Free Volley Ball Birthday Invitations. Without the effort of designing the invitation, you can quickly get our collections for free. Below are several versions of the invitation which is ready for you. Take a look at the collections below:

As you can see, above collection size is 5×7” inches. The layout has several pictures of character playing the volleyball. As usual, the center is blank. You can write the opening phrases below:

“It’s game time! (name) is turning 8! Come have a ball with us!”

“You are invited to celebrate (name)’s 8th birthday”

Right press on the picture and pick save as. Save it in your folder and open a worksheet in Ms. Word, Coreldraw, or Photoshop. Copy or enter the picture and attach it to your worksheet. Edit its magnitude and type down your birthda details as well. Then pull it out. Done! Using the adobe or Corel app mostly accessible on your personal computer, you can customize the pages.








How can this template be received?

Just right click on the picture and press save. Don’t worry, the invitations are provided in a good image so that the images won’t be broken up.

In which plates can document be used?

All documents can certainly be used, but we promote you to choose the matte paper because it gives an exquisite and sophisticated glance at your invitation at the same moment. You can download the pictures here for free. Well, what do you waiting for? Print and utilize our items! Get it on drevio.com!



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