Tips About Customizing Flamingo Pool Party Invitation Template

If you want to make a customized invitation to an even you make, you do not need to ask for an assistant from a professional designer. You can make it yourself even if you have no skills whatsoever about designs. There are many sites that offer templates for various events, including birthday. You can even look for a themed invitation such as the flamingo pool party invitation template.

Of course, you can always use the original template. But, if you want to have a unique birthday invitation card, then you need to do some customization. Thankfully, this process can be done easily. The first thing you need to do is choose a focal point. If you want to have a flamingo pool party invitation template, most likely, the image of the flamingo pool will be your focal point. Basically, a focal point is a part of your invitation that will draw the recipient’s attention right away.

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But, the problem with a festive background image is that it can make the text on your card hard to read. There is one easy way to fix this. You can use a color filter. Using a color filter will help you to make the text of your invitation stand out without hiding the background image completely.

Once you are done with the background image, you can try to customize the font you use for your text.

When it comes to color, you can choose two colors that are in contrast with each other. You can know this by picking two colors that are on the opposite sides of each other on the color wheel. For example, if you want to use purple to go along with the flamingo pool party invitation template you choose, you can pair it with yellow. For the font styles, you need to choose a decorative font for the header and the sub-header. For the body though, you need to use a plain font.

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