Hatch and get your Hatchimals! Give your child a magical experience they’ll never forgot when they hatch their own Hatchimal! and celebrate your next birthday with our free printable Hatchimals birthday invitation templates where you can download it here, at Drevio. Hatchimals are interactive creatures that hatch out of a speckled egg. These interactive toys sing, dance and play games!

Our free printable Invitations are free to use for your personal use only.

We have the most complete hatchimals Invitation templates on the internet. Make sure you choose what’s best for your birthday party. Comes in 5×7″ in size, you can choose what’s fit with your Hatchimals themed-party.

Write down your birthday party wording on the blank side of Hatchimals invitation. Write down time, date and location of your birthday party. If you’re able to operate Photoshop, then, it’s easy to customize it with your own style. Browse the Hatchimals birthday invitation templates below















When you’re done, you can simply go to your nearest printshop, if you are unable to fill the invitation, you can ask them , or watch our video tutorial to fill the invitation.

We always recommend cardstock paper where you can get it on Amazon. Don’t forget to buy the Hatchimals party supplies too! It’s too general, but celebrating your birthday with Hatchimals theme, will always rousing and happier!



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