FREE Printable Colorful Bow Invitation Templates


Hi everyone, little guy is on the chair. Let’s ready for his celebration. With his bow, he is ready for waiting the guest. Here I have some invitations which can be used for your child event with a unique theme for the kid.  Free Bow Invitations is the one best part of a child boy’s invitation since it is unique. Look so nice and have a nice presence for such children invitations.

The bow tie indicates that your little baby kid is on the manner. Don’t forget to add the invitations with the wordings below:

“Oh boy a little man is on his way! Please join us for a baby shower honoring (name)”

“You are invited to (name)’s bow-tastic 8th birthday party”

You can merge the bow tie model with the other color like this one for the other selection. Red is the color that’s nice and profound. It will show a fresh atmosphere of your invitations. It’s distinct from the other. Apply this one layout to your unique child invitations to create the good moment. For all the reasons, make sure that the data is correct to welcome everyone.






The ideas would be so ideal when using Free Bow Invitations. Send acquaintances or household the invitations. Since we have 6 various colors, you can send different colors to each person.

You would find that the 5x 7 “inches is ideal enough for your students. Just contribute a few phrases to the empty space.

Some steps to get the invitations can be taken:

  1. Move the image to the cursor.
  2. Choose the right.
  3. Click ‘saves’.

Then, which paper can be used for manufacturing?

  1. Linen: laundry makes your invitations so bright and feels so fantastic.
  2. Jasmine: with the help of jasmine, the page would sound artistic.
  3. Cardstock: This type of document can be obtained with a low price.


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