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Tie Dye Birthday Party Invitations


Tie Dye Birthday Party Invitations


Hi Guys, Let’s come and join at Lauren 10 years old birthday party. Lauren is big fan of colorful things.

She likes almost all colors. She had collecting a lot of any different colors for her shirt, bags, scarf, shorts pants and dressed.

girls tie dye birthday party invitations

She likes the tie dye motif colors. Sometimes she was buying the shirt in the motifs, even if she must spend more money for that.

This motif made by Hippies in 1960’s but still popular with some innovation until present.

colorful tie dye birthday party invitations

She likes to make a craft. The birthday party themed is tie dye birthday party.

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The dress code is the costume in the 1960’s gowns, patched jeans, sandals, wild hair and bandannas.

motifs tie dye birthday party invitations

The party will be more fun with the fun games, which is everyone will use some hippies accessories and then encourage them to play freeze dance in the groovy tunes for some rounds dance by 1960’s music playing, and then the music will stop, everyone should say “FREEZE!!”, everyone who is still moving will be out of the games. The last person who stay will be the winner.

tie dye birthday party invitations card

Everyone will get some stuff for the souvenir such as: peace medallion, rainbow love beads, a smiley face pin, cute key chain, temporary tattoos and colorful bracelet.

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That will get an awarded for the best tie dye costume, so make your own costume interesting!

girly hippie tie dye birthday party invitations

The decorations will be set in colorful tie dye motifs. That will have a rainbow streamers and colorful balloons hang up on the ceiling.

The party also will serve a tie dye themed, such as: rainbow cake, cupcakes and some dishes will be served in the themed.

The party will be held in: Friday, 6 February 2015, in 17:00-20:00, at 1951 Quilly Lane, Columbus, OH 43201.



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