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Roller Skate Birthday Party Invitations

Roller Skate Birthday Party Invitations


Hi Everyone, Let’s come and join at Lionel 9 years old birthday party.

Lionel is a big fan of roller skate, he likes to play it every day. Sometimes he is playing when he is going somewhere.

arena roller skate birthday party invitations

He is going to school using the roller skate, he learn by himself, sometimes he is fell down to the floor but he never give up to play it.

It can be a sport and frugal, it doesn’t make polutions while everyone going out with the car or bicycle, he is comfortable using that for going anywhere, but sometimes it is a little bit risky using that in the street.

polka dots roller skate birthday party invitations

The birthday party theme is Roller Skate birthday party. The party will be set as in the 1980’s which the music themes from the 1980’s movies “Xanandu”.

Another Ideas?

pink roller skate birthday party invitations

The dress code is spandex and leg warmer with a poodle skirt and the greased hair and jeans such as in Hair Spray movie for boys. It is a vintage style.

girls roller skate birthday party invitations

While everyone playing skates, it will have music playing with  the disco ball like back to the 1980’s.

That will have fun games which is skates relay race. That will divided in 3 team, each team should bring a stuff with has more meters spacing and should bring to the next person behind them without falling.

photo roller skate birthday party invitations

It also has more games like skate dance obstacle. Everyone should go through the obstacle, the fastest who can reach the finish line will be the winner.

The party will be fun with the food, that will have a cupcakes in the themed and also tea sandwiches shaped by the theme and sport drinks.

The party is in: Tuesday, 9 December 2014, at 17:00-20:00, in 2053 Nancy Street, Morrisville, NC 27560.

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