Race Car Birthday Party Invitations  


Hi Everyone, please come and join at Warren 10th birthday party. He will be turning 6 this month.

pictures race car birthday party invitations


Warren loved to watch race car movies, such as: Cars, Speed Racer, Herbie Fully Loaded, The Fast and Furious and Fast Five.

He is also playing some race car video games, such as: Need for Speed, Gran Turismo, Test Drive Unlimited and so much more.

trophy race car birthday party invitations

He is also collecting all stuff in race car themed. He had a bags, pencil box, stationary, pocket, watch and so much more.

He was watching “Herbie Fully Loaded” movie. He was dreaming that one day wants to be a racing driver.

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The birthday party themed is Race Car. The dress code is yellow and black.

photos race car birthday party invitations

The decorations will be set as in a race area. That will set in yellow and black as a race flag.

It also will have a small podium in the next to the stage and also a bottle of party spray for the winner of the games.

All the tablecloths, napkins, tableware, plastic cups and plastic plate will be set in the themed with any different colors.

oranges race car birthday party invitations

It also will have balloons on the ceiling as the ornament and a flag race both side in the left and right side in front of door.

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The party also will have some fun games which are small jigsaw puzzle games and also it will have a race for small meat, everyone is free to join it. The winner will get awards and get prizes.

The birthday party will be held in: Wednesday, 18 March 2015, in 16:00-18:00, in 4903 Angie Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90017.




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