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Hi Everyone, Let’s come and join us at my daughter, Kimmy 22 years old birthday party. Kimmy is turning 22 years old in the next 8 days.

barney print birthday invitations at home

Kimmy missed her home, she was living in Germany since she was in college. She was going to high school in other state in California and then after she is graduated, she just going to Germany right away.

She missed all home cook and all of the home ambiance and especially she missed her family.

kids print birthday invitations at home

The birthday party is home birthday party. She will be back to home in summer holiday and she want to celebrate her birthday in home with family and close friends.

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batman print birthday invitations at home

The birthday party will be decorated as her favorite color. She likes pink and black color. The birthday party will be decorated in pink and black balloons on the ceilings.

It also will have pink tablecloths in each table and black plastic plates, plastic cups. That also will have pink napkins and black appetizer plates, main course plates and dessert plates.

boys print birthday invitations at home

The party also will have simple meal. That is her favorite food. The birthday party will served all her favorite food, such as: Macaroni and Cheese, Pot Pie, Taco Casserole, Chocolate Mins Bar, Fruit Salad, Ice Cream Cake and some finger food which mostly is chocolate her favorite.

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pool print birthday invitations at home

The birthday party also will have birthday memories gift for her, by showing slide show of video about the birthday girl.

Her close friend also will surprise her come to the birthday party, that will be unforgettable moment for her to have all home birthday party.

The birthday party is in: Friday, 24 January 2014, in 17:00-20:00, at 3994 Ferguson Street, S Boston, MA 02127.


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