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Owl Invitations for First Birthday

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Owl Invitations for First Birthday


Hi Guys, Let’s come and join at Teddy’s turning one birthday party.

Teddy likes to watch Harry Potter movies. He like Harry Potter’s owl, named Hedwig. Sometimes when he went to the zoo, he always wants to see an owl.

photo owl invitations for first birthday

This bird seems so fierce with the stereotype that the birds only exist in the night. That makes more spooky and mysterious to humans with the sharp and large eyes

The birthday party theme is owl. The decorations will be in a cute owl cartoon, so it will not creepy but it will cute instead.

owl invitations for first birthday tree

The decorations will be set in all this owl themed. The party will have cute night bird wallpaper with some colors in pink, green, blue and purple.

pink owl invitations for first birthday

The party will have a cute bird napkins, tablecloths, spoon, forks, plastic plates, plastic cups, plastic appetizer plates, plastic main dishes plates and plastic dessert plates.

green pink owl invitations for birthday party

The party will serve dishes which will be shaped in cute owl with colorful icing. It will have cute night bird cupcakes in chocolate, vanilla and strawberry favors with M&M and Oreo as the decorations.

pictures owl invitations for first birthday

It also has an owl birthday tart which it has a colorful owl on the top and some colorful marshmallow as the ornament.

The party will be so much fun by everyone will get a souvenir in cute owl themed.

The birthday party will be held in:

Date: Saturday, 31 October 2015

Time: 16:00-18:00

Place: 811 Hillcrest Drive, Seattle, WA 98161.

Don’t forget to come, see you soon at the party!




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