My Little Pony birthday invitations

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It’s bright, it’s cute, it’s funny, then it’s Little Pony. Bring the little Pony spirit into your daughter’s birthday invitation. It’s simple and very easy to create, just bring the Twilight Sparkle, fill your invitation with rainbow decor and sweet colorful treats.
Just prepare a little pony stencils. You can buy it at a local toy store or you can search and browse or simply search free stencil images from the Internet. Now, when you’ve found what’s fit for your birthday party, print and cut it out. Trace the Pony stencils onto construction paper. You can color the tails , manes and eyes with magic marker. Remember Little Pony identical with bright colors like Purple, Pink and rainbow stripes. You can add glitter too! Let your design sparkling!

2nd pink little pony birthday invitation

4th little pony birthday invitation with photo

3rd little pony birthday invitation

Purple complete little pony birthday invitation

complete little pony birthday invitation

little pony

Rainbow little pony birthday invitation

Don’t forget to add time, date and location in your invitation. You can use simple wording like : “You’re Invited to A Little Pony Birthday. Come to where the magic is, it’s not too far away. It’s just beyond the rainbow at Megan’s 5th birthday!”
Just make as simple as you can.Now, your Little Pony Invitations is set up. You’re ready to deliver it. You can deliver the invitations using pink or purple envelopes, you can add glitter too and filled it with colorful confetti, if you’re using small box. For party favors, you can give each invitee with a bags full of My Little Pony goodies, like coloring books, figures, stickers and pencils.

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