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Laser Tag Birthday Invitations Free

Laser Tag Birthday Invitations Free


Hi Guys, Let’s come and join us at Luke 12 years old birthday party.

Luke is a big fan of boy games, he likes to play some cool games with the guns things, like playing paintball, laser tag, obstacle games kids and so much more.

neon laser tag birthday invitations free

His favorite game is laser tag games. He likes to playing some challenging games in the indoor places.

The birthday party theme is laser tag party. the party will be held in the arena and celebrate the party with playing some fun laser tag games.

kids laser tag birthday invitations free

The games is playing hide and seek in indoor locations which the player will be protected with the vest and hand-held infrared plastic guns.

This game is like in the United States Army for the combat training. The fun part of the game is there is no physical contact between the players, so that is purely wearing the laser guns, the physical contact will get penalties for the players.

shot laser tag birthday invitations free

The party also will be fun with the decorations of the games arena which has theatrical fog and the black strobe lights.

The games arena will have an obstacle for the player and the player can use some maneuver to hide from the opponent team.

laser gun laser tag birthday invitations free

Kids can have fun playing the game with some food that served. That will serve some pizza, meals, birthday cake, ice cream and soda for all the players.

The party will be so much fun with some prizes for the winner of the game.  This is will the coolest birthday party ever!

The birthday party is in:

Date: Saturday, 19 April 2014, in 16:00-19:00, at 426 Ashcraft Court, La Mesa, CA 91941.


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