John Deere Printable Birthday Invitations

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John Deere Printable Birthday Invitations


Hi Everyone, Let’s come and join us at Randy 15 years old birthday party.

Randy is a big fan of tractors, he was living in the farm. Every day he was seeing any kind of farm truck passing by in the farm.

green john deere printable birthday invitations


He had a dream one day that he wants to be an engineer but also he wants to try drive the truck. He knew all kind of truck and he was rode in the truck with some contractor building.

He likes all kind of truck, but his favorite one is John Deere truck. That is the truck for the farm and agricultural.

truck john deere printable birthday invitations

His father was working in this company and one day he wants to be the engineer of this company as his future dream.

But still, he obsessed in this truck. The birthday party theme is John Deere.

kids john deere printable birthday invitations

The party will be decorated in green wallpaper as the farm truck decorations. That will have green tablecloths with yellow motifs.

It also will have plastic plates, plastic cups in the themed pictures and for the tableware and the napkin is yellow.

boy john deere printable birthday invitations

The party also will have green balloons and party streamers hanging up on the ceiling.

It also will have food which made in the tractor shaped. That will have birthday cake made in John Deere shaped with the green frosting cake and it also has truck decorations on the top of the cakes.

cars john deere printable birthday invitations

It also will have green cupcakes with the green frosting and yellow icing. Everyone can taste it in the table buffet.

The party also will have fun games for the kids to enjoy the party.

The birthday party is in: Tuesday, 1 November 2016, in 16:00-18:00, at 192 Norma Lane, Winnfield, LA 71483.

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