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Invitations For Girl Birthday Party

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Invitations For Girl Birthday Party


Hi everyone, please come and join at Linette 18th birthday party.

Linette is a girl best friend, she has a lot of girl friends in school, everyone loved her because of she is a very friendly and kind person.

girls invitations for girl birthday party

She loved to do any girly things and she is very good to dressed, she know how to make the old outfit and make it as a new trend.

Sometimes girls always asking her an advice to dressed and the most amazing things she doesn’t need an expensive clothes on her wardrobe, it is all she buy in average price or even cheap price and she made it as an expensive one.

lampion invitations for girl birthday party

The birthday party is only for girls, she want to spend all her special day to her with the girls.

The party will be so much fun with a lot of girly things.

That will be have a manicure and pedicure party, everyone can get a fit nail polish with some nail art as they want it and they can get in any colors that fit in.

make up invitation for girl birthday party

The party also will be continue by a hair treatment, facial and get some make up on.

You can get a very relaxing day and you also can get a make up lesson for free.

bags invitations for girl birthday party

The party also will have a healthy food, like a fruit, fruit juice, but you still can eat some rice, snacks and some pastry.

The party will be held in: Saturday,15 November 2015, in 09:00 until finish, at 652 Caynor Circle, Somerville, NJ 08876.

Don’t forget to come, Your presence is enough.

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