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Invitations for 1st Birthday Boy

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Invitations for 1st Birthday Boy


Hi Everyone, Please come and join at my Noah 1 years old birthday party. Noah is turning one in the next 12 days later.

He likes to play with his soccer ball. His father is always playing soccer after home.

photos invitations for 1st birthday boy

They like to come to the soccer match, every time their favorite soccer team playing. They always watching it together and then spending the day to celebrate the winning.

His father is always bought him some items about his favorite soccer team. He is a big fan of Colorado Rapids.

circus invitations for 1st birthday boy

He also was collecting a bunch of Colorado Rapids, baby sports shoes and pajamas themed.

The birthday party theme is soccer birthday party. The dress code is Colorado Rapids jersey or you can wear your favorite soccer team jersey.

cars invitations for 1st birthday party

The birthday party will be decorate with some soccer ball decorations as the decorations and also soccer field as the wallpaper with some soccer player in it.

turtle invitations for 1st birthday boy

The birthday party also will have piñata of soccer trophy. The party also will have more decorations, such as: jersey team, soccer ball, goalkeeper gloves, soccer shin guard, soccer head gear and portable soccer goals.

animal invitations for 1st birthday party

The tables will be decorated as in the field equipment with the tables for the guest enjoyed the food.

The party will served some food in the soccer themed, for examples: cupcakes which shaped in soccer balls and the grass and also the plates and the cups will be made in the themed as the plates covered.

The birthday party is in:

Sunday, 14 December 2014, at 10:00-13:00, in 259 Sweetwood Drive, Denver, CO 80220




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