Sample Birthday Invitations Wording for Adults


Hi Guys, Please come and join at Vanessa 28 years old birthday party.

Vanessa was a tomboy girl. She likes to do outdoor stuff, such as: soccer, football, hiking, baseball, karate and so much more.

She is prefer like to have a outdoor activities than office things activities

backyard sample birthday invitations wording for adult

In her day off she is always trying to give her time to join in the voluntary, she likes challenging things.

In her age 22 years old, she was travelling alone to many countries.

bicycle sample birthday invitations wording for adult

She had been going to Mexico, Costa Rica, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Germany, England and she planned to go to Asia and Australia this summer.

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The best things to go travelling to any country is to get more experience, knowledge and learn their culture.

relaxing sample birthday invitations wording for adults

But every time when she go to other country, she always miss her hometown, she missed all the American traditions, which is barbeque.

The birthday party theme is barbeque party. There is no dress code, so you can wear anything that comfortable.

The party will have a barbeque party in her yard. Everyone also can play a songs and dance.

camp sample birthday invitations wording for adult

The dishes will be awesome, that will have a grilled fish, ribs, chicken wings, nacho, burger, French fries and some beer and soda.

The party will be fun with some outdoor games, like a croquet, touch football and Frisbee.

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If everyone wants to play more fun games like truth or dare is also will be fun!

The party will be held in:

Date: Friday, 10 October 2014

Time: 18:00-21:00

Place: 2922 Alpha Avenue, Grand Saline, TX 75140


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