Funny 50th Birthday Party Invitations Ideas

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Funny 50th Birthday Party Invitations


Hi Everyone, Let’s come and join us at Grandma Jules 50th birthday party. Grandma Jules is a fun person, she is also a funny old woman.

Grandma Jules is famous by always giving funny jokes and sometimes when it has some event in church, she is always giving funny performance in the stage.

sings funny 50th birthday party invitations

She likes to make people smile. Sometimes she use herself for jokes. She is very friendly and arms open wide woman.

She also likes to watch comedy movie, such as: Ace Ventura, White Chick, Bruce Almighty, Jack and Jill and so much more.

woman funny 50th birthday party invitations

Sometimes she likes to imitate some actor character and use it for her jokes.

The birthday party is funny 50th birthday party. The birthday party should be unique, funny and hilarious.

colorful funny 50th birthday party invitations

The dress code is funny costume. You can wear your favorite movie character costume or you can added accessories, such as: fake mustache, bottles glasses, alien headband, teletubbies headband, oversized glasses or messy colorful wig.

The birthday party also will have fun games, which is comedy duel. Everyone can have comedy stand-up comedy battles, lip sync battles and create songs battles.

cards funny 50th birthday party invitations

Someone could have some singing battles, that person should create songs lyric while the music playing and the other person will act based on the songs that the singer sings but must be in funny way.

The birthday party also will be decorate some funny decorations with the dramatic decorations.

cow funny 50th birthday party invitations

The party also will served some dishes in unique plastic plates, plastic cups and tableware.

The birthday party will be more fun with fun games acting silly with silly dance and the most girly songs or funny song lyrics.

The birthday party is in: Thursday, 9 January 2014, in 18:00-21:00, at 798 White Avenue, Ganado, TX 77962.


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