Funny 50th Birthday Invitations Wording Ideas


Are you will be turning 50 years old and you want to celebrate birthday party, but have no idea what is the party themed, concept and how to make your birthday invitations interesting?

Well, do not worry, we all been here too. 50 years old is very important age. This is the age that we are half young and half old.

keep calm funny 50th birthday party invitations

But still we look gorgeous in that age, so if you have the wrinkles or gray hair, do not worry about that, in your birthday party it is all will be hide by make up and some hair dye.

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To make your birthday party is interesting. You have to be very sure about the theme party that you want it.

bottles funny 50th birthday invitations wording ideas

The birthday party is not always elegant or simple party. You can put it in funny ways and put some sense of humor in it.

In this age sometimes you feel like over the hill, but don’t. You are incredible woman or man who will celebrate your golden years.

plain funny 50th birthday invitations wording ideas

Put some funny jokes at your invitations, can be use a little yourself at little jokes, but with no offending yourself.

You can say that 50 years old is the new 30 years old or sort of that thing. People are interesting in the birthday invitations which funny, fun and outstanding.

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letters funny 50th birthday invitations wording ideas

So you can also put some of your birthday party ideas in your invitations, but do not put too much, just a little sneak peak, so everyone will be curious and interesting to come to your birthday party.

cards funny 50th birthday party invitations

You also can ask your guest to wear something funny, like costume party or some crazy ideas with theme party.

I hope your birthday party will be unforgettable and hope you good luck!


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