Unicorn is a legend from Greek’s folklore. It’s a symbol of power, kind-hearted and brave. Children know about unicorn from movies they watched.

Unicorn gave an inspiration for us to make birthday invitation templates. In this design, the unicorn is gold and painted in watercolor. It looks nice.


How to get it?

It’s very easy to get the template. Choose your favourite image and right click on it, then select Save Image As. Save it to your folder. Open a worksheet of Coreldraw or Photoshop. Import the file and edit the size and type your information of the party. If you find any difficulties in writing the information, print it directly. You can write down the information by the handwriting.

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There are many wording examples, but you can use your own style. Anyway, we give you a bunch of wording example:


Please come to my birthday party

Sunday, 4th of August 2019

At 03.00 PM


Please, come again and again to our website and find your favourite templates. Bye!




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