FREE Thing 1 and Thing 2 dr. Seuss invitation templates

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If you’re planning to celebrate your child’s birthday , the whimsical dr.Seuss party can be a good choice for your colorful birthday party. The “Cat in the Hat” party will be the best party ever! Checkout our free printable Cat in The Hat birthday invitation, or you can named it as Thing 1 and Thing 2 invitation template, or dr.Seuss birthday invitation template, well you name it! 😀

This invitation is free to use, not for sale. All rights reserved.

Comes in JPG format, you surely able to open it with any devices. Your iPhone, Android or PC, or Mac. It’s very easy to customize the invitation.

  1.  Click on the desired invitation, make sure you’re open the full-resolution to get the highest quality
  2. Save the image as, save it in your Desktop or your desired location
  3. Print the invitation, it measures 5×7″ so, make sure you’re using the right paper
  4. Cardstock paper is the best paper to use. You can buy it in bulk from or your closest store.

If you’re able to operate Photoshop, you can customize these dr.Seuss invitation templates with fancy text and even attach your photo too!

By the way, you can download Dr.Seuss font type below :

Browse your invitation below:




We want to make sure that, this invitations comes in very high quality! It won’t blur when you print it! 😀

If you love it, please share it to your friends, family or colleagues!

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