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FREE Printable Sweet Seventy Invitation Templates


Do you want to hold a surprise party for your father/mother in his/her 70 years birthday party? I offer you this Seventy Invitation Template to support your party.

The design is beautiful. It is in vertical position with flower borders and the number of “70th” in the upper side. Do you see a blank space there? It is your space to write your invitation with your hand-writing. You just need a pen or marker for writing.





How to Have An Amazing Invitation Card?

First of all, find your favourite template. Then, you should copy the image. Secondly, open Microsoft Word software, then paste the image. Maybe you need to customize the image size, because the standard is 7 x 5  inches. Open the Format menu in upper bar of the worksheet, then select “Wrap Text” then “In Front of Text” or “Behind Text” in  order you can customize or move the image.

If you want a wider space, click the image and move the arrow in each corner. The third step is open the Insert menu in upper bar and select “Shape”. You can select rectangle shape and place it in the blank space. Right click on the mouse and select “Add Text”. Make your notes there. Fourth, after your invitation is ready, set the printing menu. Make sure that the inkjet is ready to use. For the paper, I suggest you cardstock paper or photo paper. You will get a wonderful birthday card. Awesome!

Well, if you are satisfied with this web and the images, please tell your family, friends, or colleagues to visit us here. You may give us comments or suggest us another template ideas.



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