Free Printable Super Mario Bros Invitation Template

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One of our visitor, Lindsay request us that she wants Twin Super Mario Invitation template. Well, I hope she love this invitation. She said she need this invitation for her twin heroes. Happy birthday! This is for you too who want to celebrate a Mario Bros Invitation template for your birthday. I hope you love it too!

This invitation comes in 5″x7″ where you can customize it. Simply click on the image and Save the image as. Write down your birthday party details like time, date and location. Mario and friends identical with blue and red color, you can use a marker or a pen to write down your party details on these free printable Super Mario Invitation Template.

Take a look!

Lindsay, you can choose any invitation you want. Now all you have to do is write down the Mario bros invitation wording.


Put your game face on!
It’s time to come celebration!

Super (name)’s
(years) Birthday!

Join us on
RSVP : (phone number)

What’s the best paper for this invitation?
Well you can use multipurpose paper or cardstock paper which will bring premium and authentic feeling to your invitation. Cardstock paper available in your nearest printing shop, if you are difficult to find it, simply go to Amazon. There are bunch of cardstock paper where you can buy.

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