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(FREE PRINTABLE) – Simba Lion King Birthday Invitation Templates


Do you remember the Lion King story? It’s about a brave lion named Simba that was the next lion king. The story is famous among children and teenagers, even adults. So, it’s really nice to bring the Lion King story into your kid’s birthday party.

Well, make a creative decoration using papers, cardboards, plastic bottles, straws, and others. These cheap materials, even used goods, will be more valuable. Then, make simple snacks with themed food like Baboon Bananas, Jungle Vines, Gorilla Grapes, and so on. They are made of gummy, chocolate, grapes, and raisins. It sounds good, right?

Every party needs invitation, doesn’t it? You can save your money or at least minimize your budget for making birthday invitation, because you’ll find free printable birthday invitation templates here. We have many birthday invitation templates, and today we have Simba Lion King theme. This one is divided into five pattern choices, so you can find your favorite designs. You’ll find the figures of Simba, Kion, and big lion there. Further, you’ll find an empty space in each design. It’s for writing the wording and information about the party. Don’t forget to write when and where your party will be held because they’re the most important information needed.

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So, how can you get the templates? The instructions are as follows:

FREE SIMBA LION KING Invitation with Kion


FREE SIMBA LION KING Invitation with Simba on left side


FREE SIMBA LION KING Invitation with simba on right side


FREE SIMBA LION KING Invitation with Simba


FREE SIMBA LION KING Invitation with big Lion

How to Download the Templates?

  1. Click the button Download Image above the image, and it will be automatically saved to your PC.
  2. If you don’t find the button, click the image, right click on it, and select Save Image As. Direct it to a folder in your PC.

How to Customize the Templates?

  1. Next, open a worksheet in Photoshop and import the pattern.
  2. Edit the size. The standard measurement is 5” x 7”.
  3. Write the wordings and information. Select Horizontal Type Tools and write the information in the blank area.
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How to Print the Templates?

  1. When you’re done with the design, prepare the printer. Check the ink cartridge to make sure that the ink needed are full.
  2. Print it to heavy card stock paper. The paper will give you the best printing quality. You can buy the paper at Amazon.com.


Enjoy the new experience of editing and have fun!



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