FREE Printable Polka Dot Sesame Street Invitation

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On of our beloved reader, ask us about this invitation. If you want invitation like this, you can request us an invitation. Which is free! You can ask anything you want. If we can do that we will do that.

Not all people loves thematic party with special character like Elmo, Big Bird or Cookie Monster, some people loves to be simple, but it shows all! That’s why,Swapnil Sawant ask us to design this invitation.

This invitation measures 5×7″. Comes with simple polka dot in Sesame Street Style, of course with sesame street sign on it. Where you can write down your birthday party time, date and location of the party.

You can place the big photo side by side with the party details. Write the name on the Sesame street sign.

When you’re done, you’re ready to go. You can print it on common paper, but we always recommend cardstock paper where you can get it on
By the way, Happy Birthday, Mayank.

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