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(FREE PRINTABLE) – Navy Watercolor-themed Wedding Invitation Templates


Are you planning a wedding party, but in a low-budget? Don’t worry, you can prepare the party well. You just need to cut some budgets and limit the list of guests. Alternatively, you can make an outdoor concept, such as a party in your home’s backyard with simple decoration, manage your own catering, and make your own wedding invitations.

For the wedding invitation, we have many wedding invitation templates that you can use as yours. One of the is Navy Watercolor theme. The templates are divided into six patterns under this theme, it gives you an opportunity to choose which one is your favorite pattern. You can get the templates for free, even you can edit and print as many as you need. If you’re interested, read the further information below!

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Free Printable Templates

It’s very easy to get the patterns. You don’t need complicated ways to save, edit, and print the template. Click the Download button and you will get a new window. It will automatically download in seconds. If you don’t find the button, click the pattern – right click – Save Image As, then save the pattern to your PC.

I suggest you to edit the pattern before printing. Open a worksheet in Photoshop and import the pattern. Edit the size and also write the wordings and information. Select Horizontal Type Tools and write the information in the blank area. When you’re done with the design, prepare the printer and paper.  Precisely, you use cardstock paper type where it is indeed for this kind of printing. Once more, this page provides a link to https://canvas.drevio.com/start/ for free online customizing (editing).

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Good Wordings for Wedding Invitations

You can write the wording in formal or informal ways. It’s up to you! To build your creative idea, we give you this attractive wording.


The love shared between


Is a deep and wondrous

As the depths of the sea

The honor of your company is requested


To bear witness as the happy couple says I do

A reception will be held at


In honor of the newlyweds.



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