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Free Printable Navy Nautical Baby Shower Invitation for Girl and Boy

Taking nautical themes for a kid’s party invitation is a good idea and invites a unique nuance. Free printable template navy nautical baby shower is a fresh look invitation. Everyone can easily understand what you want to convey in the template. The blue sea color or navy is charm whomever who see it both as the designer and the receiver. Navy nautical themed baby shower invitation on this page is easy to use and fast printing. There are only a few steps to customize until printing the result. Although it is free, it amazes you!

How to use Free Printable Template Navy Nautical Baby Shower Invitation

You never suppose that how to use the template here is very easy for everyone. It means not only the graphic designers that can use this free printable template. The link to https://canvas.drevio.com/start/ is the online software that you can use to customize both in text and color. Here are two steps that you should do after downloading and uploading the template:

  1. The template has a navy blue color on both sides and white blank space in the center. Add some texts consisting of the content of the invitation. It starts from the title, guest name, place, time, and sender
  2. It is the way to customize the text and then customize the color. There several designs of the template such as with anchor in the upper-middle and the corner. The daughter baby shower invitation appears in the design of a girl portrait in the below section. Change the color inside the template if you like others.

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Print your Navy Nautical Invitation to welcome the New Birth of your Baby

After everything is okay and you have reviewed to check the mistake for the last time, just print it. The system of printing in the template is like usual using CTRL + P. Nevertheless, the best printing result both portrait and landscape is in 5 x7” in cardstock paper.

Feel free to try applying the free printable template navy nautical baby shower invitation. Anything the gender of your baby later, it will not make you down. You can send it directly after printing taking place in minutes.

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