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FREE Printable Moana Invitation Templates


Summer is coming, and Moana still one of the most popular birthday theme nowadays! Well, actually we have so many Moana design, you can download free Moana invitation, or Moana baby shower invitations, Today, this is another design for your birthday party. Oops, we almost forgot that we have Moana bottle labels too!

Comes in JPEG files, these invitations are very easy to customize! Download it and fill your invitation with a pen or a marker, write down your party details like, time, date and location of your birthday party. You can add cool text on it if you are able to operate Photoshop. If you’re able to operate image processing software, you can add your name in Moana version by downloading Moana fonts.

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Here are the invitations, to download it, you only need to click on the image below

You can use cardstock paper. Cardstock paper will make this invitation looks like an authentic invitation. The price isn’t expensive. When you’re done editing it, you can send it to print on your nearest printshop. I put some credit on it, ?

Happy Birthday, Little Moana!




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