Hi happy parents! Is your daughter’s birthday coming soon? If so, you can use free printable birthday kits. Here, you can find various templates to design a birthday party. Minnie Mouse birthday party kits will be suitable for your daughter’s birthday. It will present a cute impression for everybody to come to the party. The party will make all guests feel enjoyable with the Minnie Mouse birthday party accessories.

Well, you should use this template since Minnie mouse offers a feminine impression for everybody. This condition is suitable for your daughter that must like a feminine look at her party. With a cute character, Minnie mouse has, her pictures and everything related to her will transform your party. The Minnie Mouse birthday party kits will make your party become so cute and impressive.

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What You Can Get from Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Kits

With this birthday party kit, you will get some matters in the form of the template to support you hold a birthday party. What are they? Let’s check them out by following the explanation below.

  1. Invitation

First, you will get a template to make an invitation. With it, you do not need to design your invitation yourself. You can just download the template and print it out to make a nice invitation for you.

  1. Cupcake topper

This template lets you have a nice cupcake topper with the Minnie mouse theme.

  1. Water bottle label

The third thing you can design with this template is a water bottle label. This page provides it for you.

  1. Birthday hat
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For you who want to have some birthday hats in the same design for your guest, here is available for you.







So, to make all the matters above happen at your party, you can just download the template here for free. You can just visit this page, choose the template, and click the “download” button. After that, you can print it out for your needs. Don’t forget to use cardstock paper to get a high-quality result.


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