Free Printable Minnie Mouse 1st Birthday Invitations


Hi everyone, please come and join at Bree 6th birthday party. Bree is turning 6 in 3 more weeks.

Bree is a big fan of Disney, her favorite Disney character is Minnie Mouse.

pink pictures free printable minnie mouse 1st birthday invitations

She like to collect a lot of Minnie Mouse stuff, whenever she is going somewhere she is always buy the new Minnie Mouse stuff.

Her favorite place to spending time is a Disney World which is having a Minnie Mouse clown and so many Disney characters.

The birthday party theme is Minnie Mouse.

baby free printable minnie mouse 1st birthday invitations

What makes her looks so cute is she always using a Minnie Mouse headband in any colors, like red, pink and black and it also fit by Minnie shirt and skirt and she also using a balerina shoes.

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The party will be set as in all Minnie Mouse decoration, it will have a full wallpaper with a pink colors.

cute free printable minnie mouse 1st birthday invitations

It also will have a Minnie Mouse balloons, everyone can get one for free.

You also will get some Minnie Mouse stickers in any pictures

The party decoration also will have a plate, glass, napkins, tablecloth, fork and spoon, all in Minnie Mouse themed as a covered.

yellow pink free printable minnie mouse1st birthday invitations

The party will be so much fun by a lot of pink and purple things in the decoration that will makes the decoration looks so stunning and so cute!

The party will be held in: Tuesday, 5 July 2016, in 15:00-17:00, at 4088 Dane Street, Lewiston, WA 83501.

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Don’t forget to come, Can’t wait to see you soon at the party!


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