FREE Printable Little Monkey Birthday Invitation Template

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Monkey is one of the most popular birthday theme. Why Monkey? because they’re cute! If you want to celebrate your boy birthday, then you should try our Little Monkey birthday invitation template below. Woops, before you continue reading, we have another FREE Printable Monkey invitation, or maybe you want more specific Monkey invitation like Curious George Invitation template. Click the link and download the invitation template.

The Little Monkey invitation below, comes in JPEG format. Works best for under 5 birthday party. Simply download the invitation and start write down your party details like time, date and location. You can customize it with a pen or a marker. Comes in green and white theme, your party will looks so fresh and fun.

If you are able to operate Photoshop, then you will able to edit this invitation easily. Add some bananas, add another text and you will able to write down your party details with fancy text.

How to Download This Little Monkey Invitation?
Download the image, Save Image as and you’re done! Save it on your desktop, and start customizing the invitation.

What’s the best paper for this invitation?
Well, you can use cardstock paper. Cardstock paper will make this invitation looks like an authentic invitation. The price isn’t expensive. When you’re done editing it, you can send it to print on your nearest printshop.

Little Monkey Invitation Wording Ideas

Swing on over and join the fun, our Little Monkey is turning ONE!

Come Join us for Nathan’s 1st birthday party!
Saturday, June 5th 2017
1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Nathan’s Jungle
334 Main St.
San Jose, CA

RSVP to Ava @123-456-7890

Little Monkey Birthday Party Ideas

It’s decoration time. Take a look our party ideas for your little monkey birthday.


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