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Free Printable Lego Birthday Invitations

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Lego theme birthday parties have become popular which you can use to get rid of your child’s birthday party. Many children are obsessed with Lego bricks and had many children to the party, they will be very loved. Let the kids build their own kingdom with Lego bricks. You name it, the house, giant, skyrocketing towers, planes, cars and many others. They have loved building it.

Free Printable Lego Birthday Invitation Custom Photo


Even the other children did not know what it is all about Lego, they will begin to fall in love with it. Because it is so popular, that it is no longer just a collection of toys but also has become part of children’s lives. You can try to check some list of useful resources to customize your invitation.
Free Printable Lego Birthday Invitation Ideas For Boys
Lego to create a birthday invitation is not too difficult. First, fold the paper color A4 and get a small cardboard box. Use a pencil to draw a circle mini, about 2 to 3 inch diameter on cardboard and cut them receipts scissors. Make six of them. Next, paint a circle to fit the color of your paper. Paste in rows of three on the cover page of color paper so it looks like Lego bricks. Tagged photo of your child in one corner of the page.
Free Printable Lego Birthday Invitation Templates

Free Printable Lego Birthday Invitation Wording Ideas

You can use card stock, ribbons, color paper blank or multiple images from Lego bricks to decorate and design your invitations. Design your card in the form of Lego tower. Make the background of the card to be like Lego wall. To make this, pull out a few rectangles on the different paper and then cut them. Stick it on a plain card stock so that it looks like Lego wall.

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