Free Printable Kids Birthday Party Invitations Templates

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Kids Birthday Party Invitations Templates Free Printable


Hi Everyone, Please come and join at Monica 8 years old birthday party. Monica will be turning 8 years old in the next 3 weeks.

harry potter kids birthday party invitations templates free printable

Monica likes to watch TV. she likes to play some roles in some movies. She looks so sweet in some dressed.

She is always dreaming to be able act like any characters in any movies. She likes acting from the some movie scenes.

purple kids birthday party invitations templates free printable

Sometimes she quoted from some movie line and she act in that scenes.

Her future dream is to be an actress. She likes to wearing any costume in the movies, such as: Super Hero costume, Disney Princess costume, Harry Potter costume, Fairy costume, magical Creatures costume and so much more.

The birthday party is a costume party. You can wear any kind of your favorite movie character costumes.

pop corn kids birthday party invitations templates free printable

That will have an awarded for the best costume, funniest costume, unique costume and scariest costume. So make your costume interesting.

The party will be so much fun with some poster from the any kind of movies and also will have a musical drama playing while kids enjoy the food.

ticket kids birthday party invitations templates free printable

The food will serve delicious food which is outstanding and all the napkins, tablecloths, plastic plates, plastic cups, appetizer plates, main dishes plates and dessert plates will be serve in some different movie themes.

film kids birthday party invitations templates free printable

The party also will be fun with some games for the kids to joining. Kids can play some roles in the movie scenes, the film will be playing and the kid playing the same scenes.

The birthday party is in: Friday, 29 May 2015, in 17:00-19:30, at 4128 Kemper Lane, Salt Lake City, UT 84101.


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