Most little boys like playing hot wheels. Hot wheel is a brand of die-cast toy cars. This kind of toy can be played by children and young adults. There are many types of cars and completed with tracks, so it becomes an exciting game for players.

It will be fun to make it as a birthday party’s theme. Even more if you make games for your kid’s friends. The party will be more cheerful.

Talking about birthday invitation, we offer you special templates in Hot Wheels theme. There are five different patterns with the picture of a hot wheel in each template. The template provides you a space to write wordings and information about the party. You can use our free online software to write them. Further information about how to get the templates will be given below.

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FREE HOT WHEELS Invitation with blue car


FREE HOT WHEELS Invitation with grey and red car


FREE HOT WHEELS Invitation with yellow and green cars


FREE HOT WHEELS Invitation with title


FREE HOT WHEELS Invitation with red car


FREE HOT WHEELS Invitation with purple car

How to Get the Templates Easily?

These are the steps to get the templates easily. Don’t worry about the cost because all templates here are free.

  1. Do you find Download Image button? Click on it and the template chosen will be saved to your computer automatically. If you don’t find it, do this step: click on the image – right click – Save Image As then direct it to folder in your computer.
  2. Open and select Open Photo. Here you can use the tools to edit your invitation. We guarantee that you’ll have an interesting experience in editing because it’s very simple. When you’re finished, click Save and your design is automatically saved to your computer.
  3. Once again, open the edited design and select Print and fill the form in the menu.
  4. Check the ink cartridge for the best quality and use Cardstock paper. You can buy Cardstock paper at stationary stores nearby or online at
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How to Make Good Wording on the Birthday Invitation?

Some people find a little problem with writing the wordings. The point is to invite people to come to your party. You can write it in common way or creative way. The more attractive the wordings the more attention will be given by the readers. You can browse on Google or make your own wording idea. Good luck!


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