You may have some thoughts on using a pre-made design as your invitation card design. That’s normal, especially for those who can’t spare enough their time to think and design, as well as insufficient amount of experience in editing. Fortunately, as you’ve already been here, we got something special for you, yup! You can use them for free. These following template wasn’t made for certain type of party, so you can do whatever you want on this thing.

Our templates features a Flashy or Bright look design, a nice touch of Yellow and White stripes as its background design, along with dazzling Text-Frame, this frame was inspired from the famous Geometric Style and it was so popular, back in 2019. Besides those parts, I’ve drew a couple of Roses to decorate its frame, so it could be even more highlighted and give your party a good first impression.

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Free Printable Greenery Wedding Invitation Templates With Yellow And White Stripes


Free Printable Greenery Wedding Invitation Templates With White Roses


Free Printable Greenery Wedding Invitation Templates With Geometric Style Text Frame


Free Printable Greenery Wedding Invitation Templates With Space For Party Details


Free Printable Greenery Wedding Invitation Templates With Orange Background


Free Printable Greenery Wedding Invitation Templates With

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To download these adorable Party Invitation Template, you’ll need to choose which one of our templates that you are going to use, then right-click and choose “save image as” to download it to your device.

You can match your party decoration with these template, also adding some wordings is a good idea. Before you dig deeper, it’s a good idea to find some information related to the printing paper that are you going to use for this occasion. We got a good recommendation for you, please take a look at these following information, so you can get a little bit of an idea about that, here we go

  • There are several types of stationery paper that you can choose depending on the theme, budget and personal preferences.
  • Recommendation: Card-Stock, Linen, Velum, or Standard Text Paper
  • Details:
    • Card-stock: It’s a very popular choice among people who want a clean and classic look for their invitations.
    • Linen: It looks and feels like the fine linen fabric. Linen paper is subtle, traditional and timeless, it is used when a classic, elegant look is desired. It will give your party invitations a luxurious finish.
    • Velum: This paper will add a soft, ‘frosted’ touch – it can be used in many ways to decorate and enhance wedding invitations.
    • Standard Text Paper: This is the paper you have in your home printer (the ‘letterhead’ paper). It comes in various weights, generally between 20-80 lbs.
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