Free Printable First Birthday Invitations


Hi Everyone, Please come and join us at Carter first birthday party. Carter is turning one in the next 15 days.

He likes to play in the outside. He likes to sitting in the backyard with the sun shining every morning and watch people pass by and say hi to him.

vintage free printable first birthday invitations

The birthday party theme is Baby Carnival. Kids can dressed in any cute costumes, such as: dressed in lion carnival suit, baby tiger costume carnival, prisoner baby carnival costume and so much more.

The party will have so much fun games for the guest. That will have games guessing the prize.

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circus free printable first birthday invitations

As in the TV show, that will have 3 boxes with the A, B, and C in it and then kids should take the rubber ducky and pick the boxes, when they pick the matching boxes, they can bring home the gift from the boxes.

balloons free printable first birthday invitations

Every kid will be the winner, the kids who can guess the matching box will get more special prizes from the box.

The party will be decorated in the backyard with the simple decorations. That will have colorful balloons hanging up around the backyard through the trees.

clown free printable first birthday invitations

It’s also will have lantern hanging up in the backyard tend for the buffet tables and it also will have photo booth for the guest to having fun while the party.

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The party will served excellent food which served in the buffet tables and some various menu.

baby carnival free printable first birthday invitations

It also will have finger food in each table so then the guest can enjoy before the party started or even when while at the party.

The birthday party is in: Tuesday, 10 May 2016, in 09:00-11:00, at 1227 Meadow Drive, Moore, OK 73160.


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