Free Printable Elmo Birthday Invitations

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Free Printable Elmo Birthday Invitations


Hi Everyone, Let’s come and join us at Isabelle 6 years old birthday party.

Isabelle likes to play dolls, she likes to play any kind of dolls, such as: Barbie dolls, American Girl doll, Animal dolls and Puppet dolls.

red stripped free printable elmo birthday invitations

She was collecting all kind of dolls in her shelf and she never got bored to playing it after school.

All of her dolls have a name and stories and she likes to make some stories related to their dolls.

balloons free printable elmo birthday invitations

Her favorite doll is Elmo puppet. He likes to play puppet dolls and perform it to the local kids around the house and her family.

The birthday party theme is Elmo. The dress code is red. The birthday party will be decorated in the themed wallpaper.

blue free printable elmo birthday invitations

That will have red balloons and red party streamers hanging on the ceiling and the doorway. It also will have red tablecloths and all red plastic plates in Elmo plate pictures, plastic cups.

For the tableware that will be in red color and also that will have bucket which has candy in it in each tables.

furry free printable elmo birthday invitations

The party will have served some food and dessert which in elmo shaped in strawberry, blackberry fruit, orange and white frosting drink with blackberry fruit on the top.

The birthday party also will have served some meals and beverages for the guest. It also will have some fun games for the kids.

colorful free printable elmo birthday invitations

That will have “Pin the Cookie on Cookie Monster” and more fun games for the kids to play at the party.

The birthday party will be so much fun with some door prizes for everyone.

The birthday party is in:

Date: Thursday, 15 December 2016

Time: 16:00-19:00

Place: 2976 Camel Back Road, Tulsa, OK 74120.


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