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(FREE PRINTABLE) – Construction Party Kits Templates


Construction party kits are suitable for boys who interest in the construction profession. You might buy several construction toys for them before, so they like it so much. Some templates for birthday here are free printable with cool designs. They can find their favorite toys in the templates, such as tower crane toys, bobcat, grader, roller, and so on. All cool template designs are easy to download and give more than one type. What does it look like? Let’s check them out!

Free Printable Construction Party Kits in Four Templates

Four templates are the promise of this page for you or whoever comes for using it. They are:

  • Construction Water Bottle Label Templates
  • Construction Hat Templates
  • Construction Cupcake Topper Templates
  • Construction Invitation Templates
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The Important Things to do and use the Templates

Choosing templates that your son likes needs these steps below:

  1. Download them effectively

Of course, you must download the templates effective and efficient without wasting time. Only step the blue button for downloading, so that those templates become yours in minutes.

  1. Preparing other materials

While downloading the process, you can prepare cardstock paper or a similar type, adhesive (tape/ glue), and hat strap from the ribbon.

  1. Customize invitation

Utilize the https://canvas.drevio.com/start/ to customize the content of invitation templates after downloading. You need to complete it by writing some birthday information.

  1. Customize while printing
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Print the hat, bottle label, and topping while editing the invitation. Use the paper that you have prepared for the hat and invitation.

  1. Use glue or tape to make the hat in a cone shape and add a strap after that.

Anyway, construction party kits do not only for the birthday parties. Kids have many kinds of parties such as graduation, baby shower, and so on. The point is that you can utilize it whenever you need to make your son happy. Thank you for reading and be generous to share this information. Good luck!









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