Your kids likes to camping in mountain? Or forest? And you looking for birthday party invitation with theme camping, you going to the right place. We have many theme and you can choose with your taste for your kids. Of course, every birthday party needs an invitation. That does mean if you have birthday outside, you do not need an invitation. Moreover, if you have the intention to invite all of your friends or whole families, you clearly need an invitation.

First you should write is informed information purposes. Tell your guests that your guests will see when they arrive and camping location. It would be better if you include the direction and location map. Tell guests what to expect when camping, especially what services will be at the camp, as camp, toilets, firewood and water. Also write additional information, to protect the food they of robbery bear while camping later. You can write to bring the tube and bear bag hanging on a tree branch and tents must be completely clean, and so is the equipment.

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And you can visit in our website in Drevio Canvas. Drevio canvas is website that makes it easy for users to customize their own invitation online, and specially this theme is Free Download. Bunch of wording example you can create. Here we have an example of wording for kids.
The party will be held in:

Date: Friday, 17 March 2019

Time: 03.00 PM – 06.00 PM

Address : Enchanted Forest 487, Ocean Drive, Palm Beach Florida

RSVP : 7196 3251 7812

How to Download this Template?

It is very simple to download the Despicable Me birthday party invitations file. You just need to do right-click on the image and choose the Save Image As menu. After that, place the file on your computer and it is ready to be used.

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