Do you want to know why we need invitation cards?

Any invitation cards provide the opportunity to get specific when sending an invitation or a message. For example, when inviting friends or family members to a wedding or event, instead of simply sending that stock wedding invitation to everyone. Why won’t we do something much better? Has that kind of “one-of-a-kind” things for the special guests in our life.

Then, how do I make those cards?

That would definitely need bunch of skills though, in order to make our own invitation cards, from the scratch. Fortunately, there are bunch of “Free Template Design” out there, on the Internet. Like in our site, and luckily for you, I’ve got something special for you.

Actually, I’ve spent almost 4 hours in making this stunning template for today’s page, folks. It has gorgeous Watercolor kind of painting style, instead of just getting one piece of design, but you will get six different type of options. From Pristine White Roses, to Alluring Burgundy Roses, and each of them also has Geometric Style Text-Frame, which still got a spotlight in this year.

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Free Printable Polygonal Frame Invitation Templates With Portrait Orientation Design


Free Printable Polygonal Frame Invitation Templates With Dark Background


Free Printable Polygonal Frame Invitation Templates With Gold Geometric Style Text Frame


Free Printable Polygonal Frame Invitation Templates With Burgundy Roses


Free Printable Polygonal Frame Invitation Templates With Space For Party Details


Free Printable Polygonal Frame Invitation Templates With Navy Blue Roses

By using our templates as the final draft of your invitation card design, now you can relax a bit, and the next step is downloading your favorite design. Actually, it’s pretty simple though, you only need to “Right-click – Save Image As – Enter”, and Whoops! The download process will begin shortly. Before you grab your mouse to start editing the template, I also got a few list, a couple of useful lists of “Budget-Friendly” Food ideas. Please, make sure to check it out, right.


5 Budget-Friendly Party Favor Ideas

  1. Package your super-secret spice rub in small mason jars, give it to your guests, so they can also have your “Secret recipe” for their next BBQ Party.
  2. Bake cookies and package them in party-themed gift bags or boxes.
  3. If you’re throwing such a tea party or maybe garden party, kitchen towels or tea towels would be great souvenirs for your guests.
  4. Create personalized labels for small containers of Play-Doh for a fun, quick favor. (For Kids)
  5. Put together small bags with crayons and mini notepads in colors related to the party theme. (For Kids)
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