Hi Everyone, Please come and join us at Brock 22 years old birthday party. Brock is a big fan of bowling games. He likes to play the game every weekend with his brother.

strike free printable bowling birthday invitationsHe is getting a good bowling games player, sometimes if he can’t go out to the bowling arena, he made it his own bowling games in his home by using plastic bottle which filled with the rock.

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Sometimes when he felt bored in work place, they are go hang out with the co-workers after work and play some bowling games.

The birthday party theme is bowling birthday party. The party will be so much fun with the decorations which set as in bowling arena.

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It has balloons which made in black and red balloons with some red and white polka dots and black and white polka dots balloons in the entry way room which hanging up around the door.

It also will have bowling pins, bowling bags, bowling bags, bowling shoes and bowling accessories as the decorations.

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The party also will decorate bowling piñata in the entry way room. That will have bowling pins decorations in white color in the right and left side of the door

The party will have so much fun with playing in the bowling arena. Everyone can try to play, the person who gets highest score will get some prizes.

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The party also had serve food which is made in the themed. That will have an unique bowling birthday cakes with the mini bowling arena, it has bowling pin, bowling balls at the cake and cupcakes shaped in bowling pin.

The birthday party is in: Friday, 20 September 2013, in 18:00-20:00, at 4883 Cunningham Court, Birmingham, MI 48011.




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