Do you know Barbie Dream House? It’s a TV series which is set in a fictional version of Malibu, California, United States. All characters in this series are dolls. They behave like humans, though a number of the show’s gags rely on their doll-like nature. The series centers on the life of Barbie, her friends, siblings, her boyfriend, and number of pets.

Barbie Dream House is very popular among little girls. So, if you want to arrange a birthday party for your daughter, you can set the place in Barbie Dream House theme. You need decoration that match with Barbie theme; birthday cake and goodie bags in the same theme. On the special day, you need to prepare food, drinks, and snacks for all guests invited. You also need games or music player for amusement during the party.

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Talking about birthday invitation, we have many free templates concerning birthday invitation. Today we have Barbie Dream House Birthday Invitation Templates that can be downloaded and edited easily. They are divided into five patterns that show the figures of Barbie and her friends. There are wide blank spaces to write the wordings and information. Do you want to get them? Consider the steps below!

FREE BARBIE Invitation with Barbie in pink gown


FREE BARBIE Invitation with Barbie in pink party dress


FREE BARBIE Invitation with Barbie in pink night party’s dress


FREE BARBIE Invitation with title


FREE BARBIE Invitation with Barbie in pink party dress, blue purse


FREE BARBIE Invitation with Barbie in blue party dress

How to Download the Templates?

  1. Click the button Download Image above the image, and it will be automatically saved to your PC.
  2. If you don’t find the button, click the image, right click on it, and select Save Image As. Direct it to a folder in your PC.
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How to Customize the Templates?

  1. Next, open a worksheet in Photoshop and import the pattern.
  2. Edit the size. The standard measurement is 5” x 7”.
  3. Write the wordings and information. Select Horizontal Type Tools and write the information in the blank area.

How to Print the Templates?

  1. When you’re done with the design, prepare the printer. Check the ink cartridge to make sure that the ink needed are full.
  2. Print it to heavy card stock paper. The paper will give you the best printing quality. You can buy the paper at


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